Routine Spa Maintenance

Brilliance® for spas products are designed to make cleaning and maintaining your spa as easy as possible. Choose a product below and we’ll help you maintain your spa at its ideal condition.

Bromo Tabs
Brilliance® for Spas Bromo Tabs
Traditional bromine tablets which provide effective and reliable sanitization for spas and hot tubs. Intended for use in traditional spa and hot tub floaters or feeders.
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brominating granular
Brilliance® for Spas Brominating Granular
A highly effective granular bromine sanitizer for spas. It rapidly and completely dissolves without clouding or leaving insoluble residue in water. This product may also be used as a super oxidation treatment to rid spa of organic waste.
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Chlorinating Granules
Brilliance® for Spas Chlorinating Granules
56% available chlorine dichloro granules for spa and hot tubs sanitization purposes. Intended for use after each time the spa or hot tub is used. Chlorinating granules should not be used if using Brilliance® for spas Brominating Granular or Bromo Tabs.
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