Housekeeping Tasks

Keep your spa in top shape by routinely performing these quick and easy housekeeping tasks.

Clean Your Spa Cover
Clean your cover every other week with Brilliance® for spas Cover Cleaner, concentrating on the water side. Here’s how:
  1. If possible, place cover upside down on a flat surface.
  2. Wearing rubber gloves, pour a puddle of Brilliance® for spas Cover Cleaner (about 6"–9" in diameter) onto cover and scrub with a spa cleaning pad.
  3. Rinse cover thoroughly and replace cover on spa.
  4. Pour a 2"–3" puddle of Cover Cleaner on top of cover and scrub with a spa cleaning pad.

Clean Your Spa Shell
Clean your spa shell at the waterline regularly with Brilliance® for spas Surface Cleaner and a spa cleaning pad.

Clean Your Spa Filter
Clean your spa filter at least once every 4–6 weeks with Brilliance® for spas Filter Cleaner. Here’s how:
  1. Remove cartridge or elements from filter housing and rinse with water.
  2. Add 5 gallons of water to a clean plastic or rubber bucket.
  3. Add 16 ounces (1 bottle) of Filter Cleaner to the bucket.
  4. Place cartridge or elements inside bucket and allow to soak for at least 24 hours. Make sure the cartridge or elements are completely immersed in the solution.
  5. Using appropriate personal protection equipment (rubber gloves and eye protection), remove the cartridge from the cleaning solution and thoroughly rinse it with a garden hose.
  6. Reassemble filter and resume normal operation.

To properly dispose of the filter cleaning solution, add 6 ounces of Brilliance® for spas pH Increaser with Mineral Salts to neutralize the solution; dilute with water. Then flush away to a sewer using plenty of water.

Water Changing Guidelines
Although sanitizer is persistent at controlling bacteria, it’s important to remember that a spa is a small body of water.  Continual use means bathers will deposit large amounts of dirt, perspiration, body oils, deodorant, makeup and other contaminants into a relatively small volume of water.

We recommend changing your spa water every 60–90 days or whenever an extreme water quality problem develops. After draining, clean the empty spa shell thoroughly with Brilliance® for spas Surface Cleaner.  Rinse thoroughly before refilling. This is also an ideal time to clean your spa cover and filter.